The Rules Commission establishes two sub-committees

The Rules Commission establishes two sub-committees that will pre-examine the proposals delivered to the Commission and prepare the drafts for subsequent approval.

The main idea was to create specialized groups that would prepare texts for the whole Commission to approve in its periodic meetings, working on a daily basis and dealing with the various ideas that are presented to the Commission day by day. This preparatory job will make the Commission’s work more efficient and consistent.

The established sub-committees are “Laws and penalties” and “General Regulations for Competitions”.

The “Laws and penalties” sub-committee will work on the Laws of Chess with two primary purposes:

(a) to review all changing proposals presented to the Commission;

(b) to create guidelines to adopt common penalties in similar situations.

The sub-committee is chaired by Aris Marghetis (CAN), who was also a member of the Arbiters’ Commission in the past, and it features Mike Hoffpauir (USA), Allan Herbert (BAR), Michal Krasenkow (POL) and Gregor Johann (GER).

The “General Regulations for Competitions” sub-committee aims to do a comprehensive job on Handbook chapter C.05, which requires revision after many years.

Stéphane Escafre personally chairs this sub-committee, which comprises Kelvin Daniel (BAR) and Javier Pérez Llera (ESP).

The sub-committees’ activities are coordinated and followed day by day by the Secretary to ensure the are aligned with the Commission’s general purposes.