According to the Handbook A.01 chapter, art. 1.5.2 the Rules Commission has four Councillors appointed by the FIDE President in consultation with the Commission Chairman.

The Rules Commission Councillors represent four Federations among three Continents.

Bailleul, Geert

Councillor of the FIDE Rules Commission since 2022. Born in 1956, based in Bruges (BEL), retired I.C. nurse.

Geert Bailleul is “a 66 years young man”, as he likes to call himself.

He first became a Chess Arbiter in 1992. In 2007 he was promoted to International Arbiter, and two years later, the Belgian Chess Federation Board appointed him as the chairman of its Arbiters Commission, a position he still holds.

He has been a Belgium Chess Federation board member ever since. In 2021, he was elected as President.

Arbiter in three Olympiads, he served in many principal positions during numerous major ECU and FIDE events.

Member of the ECU Arbiters’ Council since 2017, Secretary since 2018 and Chairman since 2022, he is active in many national and international events.

Herbert, Allan

Member of the FIDE Rules Commission since 2018, Councillor since 2022. Born in 1959, based in Bridgetown (BAR), retired Corporation Manager.

Allan Herbert is the incumbent President of the Barbados Chess Federation, a position he has been holding since 2015, having served as its Treasurer from 2011 to 2015 and Delegate from 1986 to the present. He also was a Director of the Barbados Olympic Association from 2021 to 2022.

He dedicated his life to sports administration, having been, regionally, since 1998, the Treasurer for Confederacion de Ajedrez para America, the governing body for Chess in the Americas Continent and co-Chair of FIDE Technical Assistance Commission (CACDEC) between 2006 and 2018.

He also was a member of the FIDE Social Commission.

Still an avid player, he continues to compete at the national level and through his “Gift of Chess” programme, he provides free classes for children and adults wishing to learn Chess.

KC, Umesh

Councillor of the FIDE Rules Commission since 2022. Born in 1986, based in Kathmandu, sports and events manager.

Umesh KC is the Executive Director of Sports and Events Nepal Pvt. Ltd., an event management corporation based in Nepal and focused on Sports.

He is also active in politics for the advocacy of Sport Policy Making.

He served as a member of the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission and conducted a few National Arbiters Seminars as a lecturer.

He is the former Secretary of the Nepalese Chess Federation.

Marghetis, Aris

Councillor of the FIDE Rules Commission since 2022. Born in 1961, based in Ottawa (CAN), sports professional.

Aris Marghetis is an active and widely experienced International Arbiter, International Organizer and FIDE Lecturer. He loves sports and is also a certified referee for basketball, soccer (football), and North American football.

He is fluent in English, French, and Greek; and hopes to improve his beginner Spanish and Russian.

in his decades of chess career, he covered many positions, including member, Councillor and Secretary of the Arbiters’ Commission, US Chess Federation Senior Tournament Director, member of the Chess Rules Committee and Ethics Committee, Canadian Chess Federation National Appeals Committee member and furthermore Certified Tornelo Arbiter.