Form of LoC Change Proposal

Change Request for the FIDE Laws of Chess

Name: FIDE ID: 
Federation: E-Mail Address:

For suggested changes to the FIDE Laws of Chess please complete this form and email to: FIDE Rules Commission Secretary

Law Number: 
Issue with the current law:

Your suggested amendment:
Are consequent changes required to other Laws? If so, please explain

The part that you think should be changed: 
Does this require a change in the numbering of the Laws?

If so what change are you recommending?

Benefits of the change in the Law?

Disadvantages of the change in the Law?
Does this suggested change have the support of your federation?  Circle
one Yes | No 

If this has the support of your federation, please provide the name, title
and email of the National Federation official:

Download the form in PDF format here